Basic Instructor Icons in eClass

Article Last Updated June 2021

This article describes the various icons that an instructor in eClass might be expected to use.

General icons

Help icon Help - Displays help information if you click on it.


Dashboard icons

 Customise This Page button - Allows you to edit your eClass dashboard. 

 Simple/Detailed Buttons - Allows you to view your Course Overview List (on your eClass course dashboard) in either Simple or Detailed format.


Content Editing icons

To add or modify content in your eClass course, you first need to turn editing on:

  • Click on the green Turn editing on button  located on the top right corner of your course. This will enable all the editing capabilities in your course.

  • To add new activities or resources, click on the Add an activity or resource in whichever content section area you want the content to appear. 

Once editing is turned on, eClass uses a consistent set of iconography to help you control the items in your course. These appear throughout your eClass course in the side blocks and on the main course content area. The icons available in the centre column that contains your resources and activities in content sections (topics or weeks usually) are common to editing both the sections themselves and specific activities/resources. The icons also appear in the expanded Edit drop down menu to the right of particular items. 



Edit Title Icon Edit Title - Allows you to change the title of the element from the course page.

Indent icon Move right - Allows you to indent content to help with visual organization.

Move icon Move - Allows you to move an item by dragging it from one section to another.

Edit icon Edit - Brings you to the editing interface for the element.

 Duplicate - Creates a copy of the element.

Delete icon Delete - Deletes the element.

Visible icon Visible - Element is visible to students. Click to hide the element.

Hidden (invisible) iconInvisible - Element is invisible to students. Click to show the element.

Groups icon Groups - A toggle that allows you to switch between grouping options.

Roles icon Assign Roles - Allows you to assign roles to an element.



Blocks are located in the left and right columns. They are self-contained "widgets" that perform a small task or show a very specific piece of information and can appear (and be edited) on your dashboard or within your course. If you are editing on your eClass course page, changes will only be visible to you; if you edit the blocks within your course, the changes will be visible to students as well.


Hide block icon Hide Block - Block is visible. Click to hide the block content.

Show block icon Show Block - Block is invisible. Click to show the block content.

Icon: move Move Block - Allows you to move a block to another location on either side of the screen.

 Move Gradebook item - Allows you to reorder gradebook items by selecting the location marked by the dotted line box  .


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