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Using the eClass Calendar
Last modified on 10 May 2023 10:23 AM

The following article contains features, steps, and/or screenshots that are updated for the new version of eClass that will be available June 24th, 2023. If you have questions before that time please contact IST eClass support.

Calendars can be very useful in your course for displaying assignment due dates, online quiz availability, synchronous meeting session times, or any other event you would like to draw students' attention to. 

How to add a calendar

As an instructor, there should be a calendar block already showing on the right side of your course page.

If not, you may need to open the Block drawer and toggle on Edit mode:

Open block drawer

With the Block drawer open and in Edit mode, click on 'Add a block':

Then select Calendar

A monthly calendar will appear in a new block on the right side and by default will automatically display all activities in your course that have an associated due date or event date with hyperlinks to relevant activities.

Move the calendar in the Block drawer:

If you wish to move the Calendar up or down in the Block drawer, click on the four-headed arrow:

Clicking on an item will move the Calendar above the selected item:

Move calendar in block

Adding events

Clicking the Full calendar link at the bottom of the block will open the calendar in full-page view for more detail and to add new events.

The various types of events (assignments, quizzes, etc)  are identified by colour and users can filter out particular categories of events with the various Hide ... events links.

From the full-screen month view, you can switch to other course calendars, look at a detailed view of particular days, add new events, and export or import external calendar events.

To export your eClass Calendar to either your computer or other online calendars such as Google, please refer to the following article: How to export your calendar from eClass

To add an event to a particular course, choose the course from the drop-down menu at the top of the calendar. Then, click on New Event in the top right corner or click directly on any day in the monthly view.

A pop-up will appear. To add a simple event, all that is required is the Title and date. To access additional options click Show more... 


Enter the details of your event.

The type of event can be a course-wide event where all instructors, students and TAs can see it, or you can restrict it to a certain group within your course, or to only yourself by selecting user.

When complete, click Save. If you accidentally place your event on the wrong day you can simply drag the newly created event to the correct date in the calendar view. 

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