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Embedding External Content in an ePortfolio

Article Last Updated November 2018

The following article outlines how to use the External area of the ePortfolio page constructor to embed content stored in external services. We will use content stored in U of A's google drive service as an example of this process.

  1. Obtain Link from Google

    The first step to embedding content or work that you have already stored in your google drive is to access the content in google drive, ensure that the sharing settings will correctly allow users to access, and copy the url link to the file. This process works differently depending on the type of content within google:
    1. External files uploaded into Google such as PDFs or MS Word files

      • Locate the file in your drive and single click it to highlight it. Then click the Sharing icon near the top right:

      • Open the Advanced settings:

      • On the 'Sharing settings' screen, initially files are always set to 'Private - Only you can access'. Click Change to adjust the sharing:

      • Select whether to turn link sharing On either for 'Anyone with the link' for a public portfolio; or 'Anyone at University of Alberta'. Select the second option for a portfolio where access is required only by a particular program's cohort or for a specific course. Then Save your changes at the bottom:

      • You will be returned to the 'Sharing settings' screen where the file link will already be highlighted for you to copy (ctrl/cmd C). Copy the link then click Done to exit and proceed to your ePortfolio (step 2 below).

    2. Files created inside Google such as documents or spreadsheets

      • Locate the file in your drive and double click it to enter the file itself. Then open the 'File' menu near the top left and select Publish to the web...:

      • On the 'Publish to the web' screen overlay, click the Publish button:

      • Confirm that you are sure you want to publish the file and the page will then refresh with the file link highlighted for you to copy. Copy the link (ctrl/cmd C) then close the 'Publish' screen and proceed to your ePortfolio (step 2 below).

    3. Note: If you do not know which of these file sharing mechanisms to use, you can distinguish the different file types in google by their URL:

      • External file types stored in Google have a URL starting with

      • Native google files have a URL starting with or

  2. Embed the content in the ePortfolio page

    Now we can proceed into our ePortfolio and open the 'Edit content' tab of the page where you want to embed this content. If you are not familiar with this general process, please review the article: Adding Content to Pages in Your ePortfolio.
    1. Expand the 'External' area of the page blocks area and then click, hold, and drag a Google apps block into an available position in a column on the page:

    2. In the block configuration screen, add a block title if desired, paste the link to the file into the 'Embed code or URL' box, and click Save:

    3. The content will now appear embedded in the layout position you selected:

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