Preparing Templates for Student ePortfolios

Article Last Updated November 2018

This article is for instructors who want to set up and share an ePortfolio template so their students can all create ePortfolios with a common structure and is commonly used when the Portfolio is designed for students to demonstrate the completion of a set of specific outcomes or competencies.

The easiest method to allow students to access a template is to create a group for a course and copy the page or collection into that group. It is also possible to create a page or collection directly within the course group (to save the step of copying the portfolio into the group.) Information on constructing pages and collections in a portfolio is available the article Adding Content to Your Portfolio.

Using groups to share content gives a bit more control over who accesses the content, allows multiple instructors to access and make edits to the template, offers the option to enable student submissions of their pages, and provides a notification system for alerting course personnel of group events. (If there are small numbers involved, it is possible to share a template directly with specific students following the instructions in Sharing Your ePortfolio.)

Instructors most commonly create the template in their own personal portfolio to allow fine tuning before it is public and then copy this material into the course group so that students can then copy the content into their own portfolios. Instructors may wish to provide students with the following article explaining that process: Copying Templates into Your ePortfolio.

To copy an existing template collection or pages from a personal ePortfolio into a course group there are 2 steps - first sharing the collection, and then copying it into the group.

1. Share the collection with the group:

  • Sign in to ePortfolios through eClass, open the top right navigation dropdown, open the Portfolio section, and click Shared by me.

  • Click the lock icon under Edit access beside the portfolio template to share.

  • Open the Advanced options, then toggle Allow copying to Yes

  • Close the Advanced options then open the Share with dropdown and select the course group to access the template.

  • In the From and To areas enter any date restrictions required. Leave these blank to allow permanent sharing or enter a single day to copy the collection and close access. Then click Save.

  • Confirm that the group is shown in the Access list and that Copying is allowed.

2. Copy the Collection into the Group:

Once the template collection is shared with the group, instructors should also copy the collection directly into the group so that students can preview it and other course instructors can make edits:

  • Once you've signed into your ePortfolio, select the course group under My Groups in the top right quick links area.

  • In the horizontal brown bar, click on Pages and Collections, then click Copy.

  • Enter the title or a part of the title in the search field and then click Search. When the search returns, locate the template collection and click Copy collection.

Students and instructors will now see the content template in the group's Pages and Collections area. Once a personal template collection has been copied, it can be returned to a private state if necessary without affecting the copied content.

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