Importing Text Columns to the Gradebook

Article Last Updated June 2021

The eClass Gradebook does not directly allow the import of textual information into standard gradebook columns. This article describes the workaround of importing the text into the Feedback location for a column. Common uses for this would be to import grouping information, the incorrect or scored items from a TSQS spreadsheet, or other text that you have stored in an excel spreadsheet. 

To import the text columns: 

  1. First create a column in the Moodle gradebook to contain this information:
    1. Go to the Grade administration page by clicking on Grades in the navigation panel, near the top left corner of the page.

    2. Alternatively, to access the Grade administration page, you can also click on the gear icon on your course main page, then select Gradebook setup.

    3. Once you are on the Grade administration page, make sure you are in the Gradebook setup tab, under the Setup tab. Click on the Add grade item button at the page bottom (more detail is available).

  2. Then, after ensuring that your spreadsheet has been saved in a comma separated variable format (file extension .csv also called comma delimited format), click on the Import tab, then on the CSV file tab.

  3. On the Import File page, choose the file you would like to upload in the 'Import File' area, leave the default options unchanged, and click Upload grades.

  4. On the Import preview page, map your spreadsheet to your course gradebook following the instructions in the article - Importing Grades into The Grader Report.

  5. After you have decided how to identify your user data (most commonly by mapping CCID to CCID), you will need to map the textual column for import to the Feedbacks area for the correct column (under the heading 'Feedbacks' in the dropdown menu.) In the 'Grade item mappings' area, match the text column on the left (the headers of columns from your imported file) to the Feedback for the grade column that you have just created. In the example below, I am matching "Scored Responses" to "Feedback for Assignment: Assignment 1".  

  6. Click Upload grades, then Continue to return to the Grade report.
  • The text you have uploaded will not appear directly in the cells of the grader report: you can view it either by hovering your mouse pointer over a cell and the text will appear as a popup; or by switching to the 'User Report' and checking the report of an individual user by toggling the dropdown at top right 'Select all or one user'.
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