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Displaying Grades as CR / NC Scores
Last modified on 21 June 2021 04:18 PM

Article Last Updated June 2021

Update: As a part of the University’s shift to online course delivery in response to Covid-19, these suggestions provide instructors with a mechanism to provide and display Credit/No Credit scores to students as a part of shifting assessment online. Please note that the instructions in this article: 1) require manual entry of the CR/NC scores; and 2) cannot be exported to Bear Tracks so would be used to display individual item assessment item scores as CR/NC or display unofficial course final scores as CR/NC, and should be used in courses with smaller student numbers. If instructors have higher student numbers in their course and already have numeric assessment scores or course total scores, they should consult Exporting Credit / No credit grades to Bear Tracks for an automated method to convert the numeric grade into a CR or NC, with the option of exporting this directly into Bear Tracks.

This article describes how instructors can display the Bear Tracks grade codes for Credit, No credit, and Incomplete (CR, NC, and IN) to students in their gradebook. This process uses a custom scale on a grade item to allow these grade codes to be displayed. 

A common use for this scale is to replace the calculated numeric course total in a gradebook with credit or no credit letter codes if required. Please note: the grade codes created and displayed using this process cannot be exported to Bear Tracks - if that is required please consult Exporting Credit / No credit grades to Bear Tracks.

To create a custom final grade column and display scores as CR or NC:

Add a new grade item in the gradebook by selecting Grades > Setup > Add grade item:

Enter an Item name, choose 'Scale' in Grade type, and select 'Credit / No Credit / Incomplete' in the Scale dropdown:

With the Credit / Non-credit / Incomplete scale set as the grade method, any of these letter indicators can be selected from a dropdown box on the grader report View with Editing turned on near the top right:

If using this column to replace the standard, calculated course total column, that column should be hidden by clicking the eyeball at the top of the column. Hidden columns are indicated by a crossed out eyeball (editing on) and with titles greyed out (editing off).

The Credit / No Credit / Incomplete can also be used to provide those scores on individual assessment items, either manually created items as per the example above or items automatically created in the gradebook via an activity like a forum or assignment. To set this scale as the grading method for an assignment, access 'Grade' section of the assignment settings and select 'Scale' in the Type dropdown, then for Scale choose 'Credit / No Credit / Incomplete':

Note: if grades have already been entered for an assessment, the grade type cannot be changed - instructors can consult Exporting Credit / No credit grades to Bear Tracks to automatically convert their numeric (point) scores to CR or NC.

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