Multiple Choice Quiz Question Settings

Article Last Updated June 2021

There are many question types available for quizzes. Multiple choice allows the selection of a single or multiple responses from a predefined list. This article will go over the basics of adding a multiple choice question into an eClass quiz and the various settings available for this question type.
For a summary of the other question types available on eClass quizzes, please review Quizzes - Question Types 

Adding a Multiple Choice Question

On the Edit Quiz screen of the exam, select the Add drop-down arrow, then select a new question

adding an mc question to a quiz

A pop up window will appear with a list of all the question types available to add. Select Multiple choice, then Add.

adding an mc question to a quiz 2


Editing a Multiple Choice Question

Once you have selected Add, the Editing a Multiple choice question window will load. The first settings available are to establish the main content of the multiple choice question (ie: the title, the question, and the marks). Input the necessary information in the spaces provided by each setting.

adding mc question to a quiz 3


The next group of settings are more specific to the layout of the question.

adding mc question to a quiz 4

1. General feedback: Can be used if the instructor wants to provide any additional feedback on the question (ie: more information on the correct answer, notes on the question etc..).

Note: Students can only see the general feedback setting once they have submitted their exam and are allowed to review their attempt. The review needs to be set up by the instructor.

2. One or multiple answers: Select between if only one answer is allowed or multiple answers for the question.

3. Shuffle the choices: If this setting is checked off, the order of answers is randomly shuffled for each student's attempt.
Note: The option to Shuffle within questions in the main exam settings needs to be registered first. For more information, please review Adding Quizzes

4. Number the choices: Allows the option to select how the answers will be displayed to students. Lots of variations are available with the default being a., b., c., d.

5. New June 2021 Show standard instructions: There is now an option to choose if you want the standard eClass instructions displayed before the answer choices.
By toggling Yes, students will see the instruction "Select one" or "Select all that apply" before the answer choices. Selecting No would not include this instruction at all, and go straight from question to answer choices.

Selecting Yes will display the Select one: before the answer choices

adding mc question to quiz 8

Selecting No means nothing will display before the answer choices

adding mc question to a quiz 7


The next group of settings are specific to the answer choices available for the question.

adding mc question to quiz 5

The terminology ‘Choice’ means the answer choices being given to the student (ie: a., b., c., d.). In the screenshot above there are two answer choices, Green and Blue. By changing the Grade on ‘Choice 2’ to 100%, this indicates Blue is the correct answer to the question.

You can add as many answer choices as needed, by clicking the green Blanks for 3 more choices button.

adding mc question to a quiz 6

To preview the question before adding it to the quiz, select Preview. Once you are ready to add the multiple choice question to the quiz, select Save changes.


The question will now appear on the Edit Quiz screen, and will be available to edit at any point until the quiz has been attempted by students.

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