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RESOLVED: eClass-Zoom Access Issues from Safari
Posted by Dave Laurie on 10 June 2021 01:27 PM

Attention eClass Zoom users,

UPDATE: Zoom released a fix for this issue June 21, 2021.

A known issue has begun affecting students and instructors accessing Zoom through eClass using Safari on Mac or iOS. A recent update to the eClass-Zoom integration plugin released by the vendor has been identified as the cause. 

Currently, users who try to access Zoom meetings from eClass using Safari may see an error message stating “Sorry, your session expired” or “401, unauthorized”.

The vendor is working on a permanent fix for this problem, but as a temporary work around, users can switch their browser to Chrome or Firefox. If a user MUST use Safari, it is possible to change the browser privacy settings to resolve the problem using the following steps: 

  • On Mac: Safari > Preferences > Privacy and uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking."
  • On iOS: Go to Settings, choose Safari, and uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking".

We apologize for this inconvenience. If you have any questions or continue to experience issues, please contact eClass support at

IST eClass Support