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YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Now Available
Posted by Chris Goetz on 03 September 2021 11:22 AM

Attention eClass users,

We are pleased to announce that the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is now available in eClass at the UofA for media streaming and lecture capture. This platform is a full-featured 3rd party media capture and streaming service that allows instructors to record and stream videos in courses.

The service, currently only available via eClass as an external tool, allows recording, uploading, and embedding of videos through a convenient dashboard. YuJa also provides a number of advanced video capabilities for instructors including: a personal video library, video editing, in-video quizzing, and in-video usage tracking. Please note that this is not a replacement of Zoom for hybrid delivery but can be used to automatically pull in zoom recordings and store, edit, and share these videos with students through eClass.

Please view the detailed instructions for using YuJa in eClass. We also recommend consulting the vendor’s video tutorials for basics of using the platform

If you have any questions about this service please contact us at


IST eClass Support