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Using Google Assignments
Last modified on 06 October 2022 04:55 PM

New in September 2020, instructors can now use the Google Assignment external tool to create and distribute assignments from eClass. Students will access their assignments from eClass, but work and submit in G Suite for Education. Instructors can then analyze and grade student work in G Suite. Assignment marks will automatically sync to the eClass gradebook.

Creating an Assignment:

  • Enter your eClass site and turn editing on and click "Add activity or resource" 
  • Click Google Assignment

  • Enter a name for the assignment under "Activity Name" 
  • Click on "Show More" - It is recommended that you add a description of the activity here and check the "show description on course page" so students understand what they need to do for this assignment. 
  • Under "Grade", ensure you specify the correct number of points the assessment item will be scored out of.
  • Click on "Save and Display" 

The basic assignment details will be added by clicking on the assignment link in the course. The first time an instructor uses google assignments the tool will ask for permission to link to your ccid google account and will require a confirmation:

  • Add the Total Points, ensuring it matches the score you set in the tool settings in eClass and enter the due date:



  • (Optional) You can attach files such as an "assignment template" to your assignment. To do so, click on the "Select content" button first. Then enter your assignment details and attach your files on the pop up "Google Assignments Setup" window (shown below). 



Additional information (google documentation):


Grading Assignments:


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