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Hiding Courses from your eClass Course Overview List
Last modified on 19 January 2021 10:50 AM

Article Last Updated January 2021

To hide or reorder courses on your eClass Course Overview List:

    1. On the eClass Overview page, click the yellow button on the top right screen, "Customise this page".

    • To show or hide courses, click the eyeball. Hidden courses are grayed out and its respective icon shows an eyeball crossed out.
    • To reorder your course list, drag-and-drop the courses into the order preferred by using the drag-handles indicated by a multidirectional arrow.
  1. Click "Stop customising this page" when finished.


  • The 'Reset page to default' button will revert all layout customizations (item order, blocks, visibility, etc.) in your eClass to default settings.
  • Hiding a course from your Course Overview list DOES NOT hide it in the left-hand Navigation block.

Upcoming Courses Tab

New in 2020 on your eClass dashboard you will see an "Upcoming" tab. This displays courses that you are enrolled in, but that are not currently open to students. 

Note: It takes up to 48 hours after registering in a course for it to be displayed on your eClass dashboard. If a course doesn't show up under this tab it is possible that your registration hasn't synched up with eClass or that the instructor has not created a course yet. 

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