Introduction to Badges

Article Last Updated June 2021

Badges are a gamification feature in eClass intended to make learning more interesting for students. This article will introduce basic Badge usage in eClass and is tailored to instructors who are new to Badges.

Three steps are required to use badges in a course:

  • Adding/Creating a new badge
  • Managing the badge
  • Setting up criteria for the new badge
  • Enabling the badge so that it can be awarded to students

Adding/Creating New Badges

  1. From your course home page, click on the gear icon in the top right, then click on More.

  2. In the Course administration tab, scroll down to navigate the Badges section then click on Add a new badge.

  3. On the next page, enter all of the required badge information. Please reference the screenshot below for a description of each field on this page.






    4. After clicking the Create badge button, your badge will be created and you will be taken to the criteria set up tab.


Managing Badges

Once a new badge has been created, instructors are taken through a series of steps to fully prepare the badge for being issued. To access these steps:

  1. In the course administration tab, click on Manage badges.

  2. Then, click on the badge that you wish to prepare or administer. You can then select any of the preparation steps from the tabs across the top.

Setting Up Criteria

The first step in preparing your badge for issue is deciding on the criteria that students will be required to meet in order to receive the badge. There are 3 kinds of criteria for a badge: Manual issue by role, Course completion, and Activity completion. In this quick tutorial, the Manual issue by role criteria will be used as an example. Please see the article on Advanced Use of Badges for information on the other criteria types.

To set up Manual issue by role criteria:

  1. Select Manual issue by role in the drop-down badge criteria menu (as shown in the screenshot below).

  2. Select the role or roles of issuer(s). Specify whether the badge must be awarded by a person from each of the selected roles (e.g. awarded by Instructor AND TA) or if it must be awarded by Any one person with one of the selected roles (e.g. awarded by Instructor OR TA).

  3. Optionally, enter a Description to explain the criteria to students. Click Save once finished.

Enabling Badges

 The last step of preparing a new badge is to enable it. This is an important step since the badge will not be available until it has been enabled.

 To enable a badge,

  1. Click on the Enable access button at the top of the badge 'Criteria' page.

  2. Click on the Continue button to confirm. For more information on criteria locking see Advanced Use of Badges.

Awarding badges manually

After creating, setting up, and enabling a badge, it will be available for awarding to students or be awarded automatically based on the criteria you specified. To award a badge manually:

  1. Access the badge through the Manage badges interface, then click Recipients. In the Recipients tab, click on the Award badge button.

  2. Select or search for any students from the right hand side and then select Award badge.

For more details and advanced usage of Badges in eClass, please see Advanced Use of Badges.

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