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Editing Your eClass Profile
Last modified on 20 July 2023 02:33 PM

All users have a basic eClass profile that pulls in basic identifying information from Bear Tracks but also allows users to enter additional information and to set some important settings. Entering information into all the profile fields is not required but can be useful for fully online students.The fields that are populated automatically from Bear Tracks are not editable in eClass and any required changes must be made in that service instead.

Accessing your profile:

Users access their profile by opening the user dropdown menu in the top right corner and selecting Profile:

Editing Your Profile:

From your profile page, click on the Edit profile link under User Details to access your profile settings:

On the profile editing page, you may enter or modify settings in the following sections:

  1. General - Includes all basic information such as name, contact information, location, time zone, description and other system level preferences. Some settings to note include:

    • First name, surname, email address - These fields are pulled directly from Bear Tracks and cannot be edited.
    • Email display - By default, this is set to "Allow only other course members to see my email address". To hide your email address from course participants, set this option to "Hide my email address from everyone".
    • City/town, country, description - These details are optional and will be displayed on a user's public profile.
    • Timezone - While you may also set your time zone here, please be careful when doing so. If you change your time zone setting, eClass will update built-in times such as quiz times and assignment due dates (any dates that appear in your calendar) into your local time. However, dates entered within documents like the course syllabus, etc. will NOT update. This discrepancy may lead to confusion for submission deadlines. eClass support recommends that you do NOT change your time zone and consider all times on eClass to be set to Edmonton time (Mountain Standard Time or Mountain Daylight Savings Time).

  2. User picture - Allows you to upload a picture. Click on the Add... button to locate the image file on your computer or simply drag & drop the image file into the designated area. For detailed steps on how to upload a profile picture, visit this article.

  3. Additional names - Allows you to set another names.

  4. Interests - Allows you to display your interests as tags on your profile.

  5. Optional contact information - Allows you to list additional contact information. Some fields in this section are pulled directly from Bear Tracks and cannot be edited.

  6. Other fields - Allows you to view your anonymous ID that can be used in courses where anonymous IDs are required on 3rd party applications. This field is pulled directly from Bear Tracks and cannot be edited.

Any changes made to the profile must be saved by clicking Update profile at the bottom of the page:

Change preferred language:

You can toggle your preferred language between English and French via Preferences

Choose Preferences from your course dropdown menu:

Preferences menu

Then choose Preferred language:

Preference options

You can toggle between English and French and Save changes:

Language dropdown


  • Some of the regions in your profile are pulled directly from your Bear Tracks account and are not editable. This information is required to remain consistent with your personal records. These include your legal names, email address, CCID, institution, department, and anonymous ID. If you need to edit these fields, you must do it in Bear Tracks.

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