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Key Changes in Canvas
Last modified on 14 June 2024 10:45 AM

This article contains known differences between eClass and Canvas that instructors should take note of when transitioning to the new LMS. It is a living document that will grow over time. Users are encouraged to contact to suggest any additions to this page.




Variables in Formula questions  may not be reused in other questions

In Canvas, generated variables reside only with that question.


Empty grades vs zero grades

There is no setting to include or exclude empty grade items from calculations: these are ALWAYS excluded. Instructors will need to take note of this when reviewing assignment grades and calculating course total grades. 

Instructors can leverage the option to mass convert missing grades to zeros.

Quiz Academic Dishonesty Statement

There is no similar setting in Canvas. 

Instructors can add blanket academic honesty statements to their course details or in the descriptions of specific quizzes.

Discussion forums consist of a single topic

In Canvas it is not possible to have multiple, top-level topics within the same Discussion.

Instructors will need to add separate Discussions for different topics with clear instructions for students about the intended function of the activity (focused vs threaded.)

No visible groups in discussion forums

In group forums, there is no functionality that allows students to see other group's discussions but not reply to them. The only alternative is to have separate discussions for groups and the entire class.

Content sections (Modules) cannot be limited to single sections within a combined section

In Canvas, entire modules and pages of content cannot be limited to sections, groups, or specific users.

But you can limit most individual activities (quizzes, assignments, discussions etc.) to specific sections.

Grade weightings

Basic grade calculations use the maximum grade of all assignments out of the total (similar to the "Simple weighted mean of grades" aggregation method in eClass.)

To achieve the eClass "Weighted mean of grades" calculation method, instructors must add/edit assignment groups and weight each group separately. Each assignment in the group can be out of any value, but the overall group itself can only have a single weighting.

Manual Grade Columns

It is not possible add new columns directly in the gradebook - these are created by adding Assignments with the submission set to none. 

Group Member Visibility

It is not possible to use groups as organizational units and not have students see all the other members of their group. Groups in Canvas should only be used for actual group assignments and projects.

Module Navigation Link

When constructing course content using modules, it is not possible to hide the left-side course nav item for modules - this must be shown for students to see module content.

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