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eClass Dark Theme
Last modified on 04 July 2023 02:04 PM

Users can switch to a dark-themed version of eClass similar to dark modes found in various modern apps and operating systems. Dark mode can be used to reduce eye strain and improve sleep through lower levels of blue light, improve device battery life, or simply for aesthetic appeal.

To enable the dark theme:

1. Access your profile from the top left drop-down menu:

get profile

2. Select  Edit profile (Click here for a link to your own profile.)

edit profile

3. In the General category, Choose 'Dark theme (beta)' from the Preferred theme dropdown and click Update profile at the bottom of the page.



The dark theme has been in beta release since 2021 and we have received much user feedback regarding how it looks in some areas of eClass. In the event something is unclear in the dark theme, please switch back to the default Light theme if it becomes an issue. If you find issues with viewing content in the Dark theme, please contact or forward your concern to your instructor.

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