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Enabling cross-site tracking cookies for eClass and Zoom/Yuja
Last modified on 01 September 2023 05:53 PM

This article describes how to ensure that your browser's settings will allow you to connect to zoom meeting linked from eClass or view embedded YuJa videos. 


An increasing number of browsers can block "tracking cookies" as a security feature. However these also function to pass login information from eClass to Zoom when joining a course meeting, or Yuja when viewing a video that's been restricted to users at the UofA. Users who have cookies blocked might come across errors like these:

video is restricted error in yuja


To unblock cross-site tracking on eClass, click the shield icon to the left of the URL bar, then toggle "Enhanced Tracking Protection" to OFF:

disabling enhanced tracking protection in firefox


Click the Brave icon to the right of the URL bar, and toggle "Brave Shield" OFF:

turn off brave shield

Safari (MacOS):

Go to the Safari menu >> Preferences and select the "Privacy" tab. Uncheck "prevent cross-site tracking":

cross site tracking setting in safari

Safari (iOS):

Go to Settings >> Safari, then scroll down to "Privacy & Security." Turn off "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking"


Navigate to chrome://settings or select "Settings" from the menu at top-right with 3 dots, then click "Privacy and security". Open "Cookies and other site data". Make sure that Chrome is set to allow all cookies, or add to "sites that can always use cookies"

Chrome cookie settings

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