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Adding the Territorial Acknowledgement and Commitment to Conciliation
Last modified on 26 January 2024 09:57 AM

This Territorial Acknowledgement and Commitment to Conciliation, with the video of the Sweetgrass Teachings from Elder Fernie Marty, Papaschase First Nation, is a resource available for all instructors to add to their courses in eClass. 

This page was created in partnership with Indigenous Programming & Research, Online Learning and Continuing Education, and pipikwan pêhtâkwan and created in consultation with the Indigenous Advisory Council. In the interest of maintaining the intended message, kindly refrain from making edits to the wording or title of this page. For questions regarding the use of this page in eClass, please contact

This documentation is for teaching staff how to import this content into their course shells. 

Content can be previewed here.

To Copy the Territorial Acknowledgement and Commitment to Conciliation Into Your eClass Course:

  1. Navigate to your Course
  2. Click the More tab at the top of your course page and click Course Import/Export:

    Select course import/export from the More menu

  3. The page will automatically display courses that you have previously taught on eClass to import from. Navigate to the search field below and search for: Territorial Acknowledgement and Commitment to Conciliation. Press ‘Search’ and select the course in the table, then click the ‘Continue’ button.

    Search for Territorial Acknowledgement

  4. The next step allows you to select content types from the course you are importing from. In this case, we want to just leave the defaults and click ‘Next’.
    Leave the boxes checked under import settings and click next

  5. We now get another option to select specific content from the course we are importing from. We only have one item to copy, so we can leave everything selected and click the ‘Next’ button.

    Leave items selected and click next

  6. The final page is just a summary review of what we have selected to import. Press the ‘Perform import’ button and you are all done. 

    Scroll to the bottom of the summary and select 'Perform import'

  7. You will receive a confirmation that the import is complete. You will also see a red error on the page, this is normal and you can ignore it. To finish, click on the ‘Continue’ button.

    Disregard the warning message and click continue

  8. The Territorial Acknowledgement and Commitment to Conciliation resource should now be visible in the first topic of your course. You can activate edit mode in your course to move the resource to the desired location.
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