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Recovering Deleted Content on Canvas
Last modified on 08 July 2024 11:53 AM

Canvas provides a basic tool to recover inadvertently deleted content in a course to maintain continuity in a course. This article will outline the basics for restoring deleted items and the limitations of this process.

This feature is not as robust as the point-in-time-recovery (PITR) mechanism available for eClass which could roll courses or content back to a particular point but this tool will recover important content like assignments, quizzes, pages, and more. 

Restoring a Deleted Item

  1. Navigate to the specific course from which the item was deleted.
  2. In the address bar of your browser, add "/undelete" to the end of your course's URL. For example:
  3. After navigating to the /undelete page, you will see a list of items that can be restored.
  4. Select the item you wish to restore by selecting Restore 
  5. Then select OK 


    Additional Information

      Typically, the following items can be restored using the Undelete feature:

      • Pages
      • Assignments (including submissions and grades)
      • Quizzes (When restored, the quiz will be unpublished - grades and submissions can be restored by publishing the quiz)
      • Discussion Posts
      • Announcements
      • Files
      • Rubrics
      • Modules
      • Assignment Group

      The following items cannot be restored using the Undelete feature:

      • Individual discussion post replies
      • Conferences
      • Item banks



      • The Undelete feature displays up to 25 items of each type. To view more items, you may need to restore some items first.
      • This feature is not officially supported by Canvas and should be thought of a 'best effort' recovery.

      Alternative Restoration Methods

      In situations where the /undelete feature does not suffice, other methods can be used:

      1. GradeBook History:

        • If a grade is accidentally deleted, instructors can view the GradeBook history to see previous grades and manually update them.
      2. Page History:

        • For pages, instructors can view the page history to restore a previous version of the page.

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