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Importing Text Columns to the Gradebook
Last modified on 22 June 2023 03:00 PM

The eClass Gradebook does not directly allow the import of textual information into standard gradebook columns.

This article describes the workaround of importing the text into the Feedback location for a column. Common uses for this would be to import grouping information, the incorrect or scored items from a TSQS spreadsheet, or other text that you have stored in an Excel spreadsheet in CSV format. 

To import the text columns: 

  1. First, create a column in your eClass gradebook to contain this information:

    1. Clicking on the Grades tap at the top of your course page:

    2. Click the Grader report dropdown and select Import:

    3. Click 'Choose a file' and upload the CSV file with your feedback comments.

      Note: the file only needs to contain a column labelled 'CCID' and a column labelled 'Feedback'.

  2. Click Upload grades.

  3. At the Import preview, map the items from the file to your course gradebook following the instructions in the article - Importing Grades into The Grader Report.

  4. After mapping the user-identifiers (usually CCID to CCID), map the text column for import to the Feedbacks area for the correct column (under the heading 'Feedbacks' in the dropdown menu).

  5. In the 'Grade item mappings' area, match the text column on the left (the headers of columns from your imported file) to the Feedback for the grade column that you have just created. In the example below, "Feedback for Class presentation" is mapped to "Feedback for Class presentation".  

  6. Click Upload grades, then Continue to return to the Grader report.
  • The text you have uploaded will not appear directly in the cells of the Grader report. With Edit mode turned on, you can click on the gear icon in the Grader report in front of the individual comment you wish to view:

You can also enter a grade here.

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