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ExamLock Troubleshooting During Quizzes (Instructors)
Last modified on 09 November 2022 01:10 PM

This article lists some common issues encountered during the delivery of ExamLock exams and the recommended mitigation steps that Instructors can follow to get them resolved. These should review these in advance of exam delivery to ensure they know how to handle any potential issues. 

Please note: The recommended first step in most cases where ExamLock encounters any problems is to have the student restart and re-enter the session code, especially if a problem is encountered when submitting. The application is designed to resume gracefully and complete the submission process. Instructors should not attempt to force submit from the ExamLock manager until they have consulted with eClass support staff as this can cause further problems.

Problems prior to the exam or on startup

  • The ExamLock application won't launch at all:

    Case 1: The student has never validated their device.

    Workaround: Shift student directly onto a loaner machine if one is available. (Diagnosing particular device issues during a quiz is not recommended.) If no loaner machines are available, the student can shift into base eClass with proper proctoring.

    Case 2: Students had previously validated their device but encounters the error message picture below on startup. This indicates that they are encountering internet connectivity problems.

    Workaround: Have the student quit ExamLock (using the menu at top left), troubleshoot their internet connection, and restart. Ensure that the student is not using U of A Guest wifi (ie. have them sign in completely to the UWS wifi network).

    Note: a widespread, prolonged internet outage would prevent ExamLock from launching. Attempts that are already in progress do not require an active internet connection.

  • The ExamLock application opens but the session code doesn’t launch the exam:

    There are a wide range of problems that can cause this to occur, most stemming from incompatible quiz settings on the eClass side. If students see the following message in ExamLock:

    This means the quiz is hidden, has restrictions preventing access, or the setting ‘Require students to accept academic honesty statement’ is set to 'Must be acknowledged before starting'. The quiz must be available to students (or set to hidden but available) and any access restrictions that exist must not be in effect. The ‘academic honesty statement’ setting must be set to Not required.

    Workaround: The same ExamLock session code can be used if the quiz settings in eClass are repaired. Students should quit ExamLock and re-enter the same session code to retrieve the quiz once the settings have been adjusted.

Problems during the exam

  • Student's device crashes during their exam:

    If an ExamLock attempt crashes during an exam attempt, the first recourse should always be to attempt to restart the attempt within ExamLock. The same exam session code should be entered into ExamLock which should display the screen below - students should select 'Resume exam':

  • Student encounters a black screen or their screen is frozen:

    If a student's view of ExamLock becomes black or non-responsive, it can sometimes be re-started by toggling alt-tab to make ExamLock the 'active' application again. This can sometimes occur when students are using ExamLock in combination with SEM. It can also help to advise students to disable windows system notifications (which are a common cause of the application losing it's active status.) If these workarounds do not work, students should close the ExamLock application and restart.

  • Students are not able to restart after a crash:

    In rare cases, ExamLock crashes may occur during application writes on the student's machine. If a student cannot click Resume Exam and/or they receive an error when trying to upload, they may have had this occur. Instructors should consult with eClass support to confirm this scenario but it may be possible to have students continue on a different device (after confirming how much data has been saved to the attempt on eClass via the progressive saves.

Problems at the end of the exam

  • Student cannot submit their attempt:

    ExamLock does not require an active internet connect during exams. However if the internet connection has dropped during a student’s exam attempt, when they try to submit they should see a message like below:

    Workaround: When students see this screen, ExamLock turns off screen locking so they can troubleshoot their internet connectivity issues. Once the student has regained internet access, they can click the ‘Retry Upload’ button.

    If students close ExamLock before submitting (or they need to restart their machine to restore internet connectivity), re-starting ExamLock and re-entering the same exam session code will offer them the choice to Resume Exam or Upload Attempt and they should select the latter.

    For instructors: when students use the 'Retry upload' workflow to submit from ExamLock, in eClass their quiz attempt is left in an ‘In progress’ state as a failsafe (in case they need to continue in base eClass due to a device failure or if their submission has only partially completed). Instructors can verify that all the answers are present by selecting Review attempt and push the attempt to the ‘Finished’ state by selecting the attempt, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking Force submit selected attempts.

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