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Adjusting Zoom Meeting Preferences
Last modified on 26 August 2022 02:38 PM

This article outlines how instructors can adjust their Zoom meeting preferences to suit their particular needs. It is recommended that instructors consult CTL's zoom usage guidelines before making any of these changes. 

Instructors must ensure that the have accessed Zoom through the eClass integration BEFORE they perform the steps below. Otherwise, their account will not yet exist.

To change meeting preferences:

1. Access the Zoom web portal -

2. Select Sign In with Google - this will automatically authenticate when signed into your CCID in the browser. If you have multiple google accounts (eg. a personal gmail), you must select the UAlberta account:

Signing in to Zoom with Google

3. Confirm the correct account is signed in in the top right:


4. Navigate to the Settings area through the left-side nav links. Note there are 3 separate tabs at the top:


5. Change the desired settings. For more information on the full range of available settings configurable for meeting rooms, please see the Zoom documentation.

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