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Submitting Assignments Using Assign2 (For Students)

Article Last Updated July 2021

This article describes how students can use the Assign2 external tool to complete online assessments. The tool allows students to complete solutions to long form problems on paper then photograph or scan them, and then upload the files.


Submitting an assignment

Students can submit multiple files for each question using their desktop, laptop, or mobile device (note that Assign2 submissions cannot be made through the eClass mobile app but should function normally in standard mobile browsers: Chrome or Safari.)  Student file submissions are automatically re-sized on submission. The accepted file types for Assign2 are any image file (.png, .jpg, etc.) and PDF.


  1. Click on the Assign2 activity in your course.

  2. Complete the solutions on paper and take a photo.

  3. Select the photos from your device to be uploaded.

  4. Preview your uploads and click Save.

  5. New for September 2020, students can now use the camera on their laptop or phone to capture photos of their completed work to upload into Assign2. To launch this option, click the camera icon at the bottom right of the upload panel:

  6. The first time this is launched, Assign2 must be Allowed to access the device camera:

  7. Images can be saved by clicking Capture. Students should always preview their images to ensure that the answers are legible (they should be discarded and re-captured if not.) Images can be finalized by clicking Upload:

  8. If the image you are trying to submit has the wrong orientation, you can edit the image by rotating it to the right (clockwise) or to the left (counterclockwise).  You can also mirror the image horizontally.


  9. Once ALL of the photos for the assignment have been uploaded, click Submit.

         The following message will appear when your assignment has been successfully submitted for grading.



Unsubmitting your work

You can withdraw your submission and re-submit it again anytime before the submission deadline. Note: After the submission due date has passed, you WILL NOT be able to review or edit your submission so ensure you have posted the solutions in the correct question response areas within the assignment. 

To withdraw your submission, click Unsubmit:



Viewing your submission after it has been graded

Once your instructor has released the grades, you will be able to view your graded submission in Assign2.

  1. Click on the Assign2 activity in your course.

  2. Scroll down the page to view your graded submission.

  3. To view your overall score for the assignment, click Grades in the navigation panel, near the top left corner of the course page.


Late submissions

         If your instructor is allowing late submissions, you will see an alert while completing your submission:


         If your instructor is NOT allowing late submissions, you will see an alert to that affect and not be able to submit:


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