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Completion Tracking - For Students
Last modified on 26 August 2022 01:30 PM

New in 2022 - Courses with Completion Tracking enabled now display any completion criteria for course items directly in the page for easier visibility. For items that are set for manual completion by students, instead of a checkbox to indicate completion, a new button that says Mark as done has been added. This new format allows students to see at a glance any requirements they need to be aware of and to more easily track their progress through a course. 

The screenshot below shows the new completion details displayed in a page. Multiple completion criteria are all displayed inline below the activity name:


Each different activity type on the system comes with different options that can be specified to count an item as complete. For example in the screenshot above, the learning object 'Activity Completion Test 2' displays that a student must 1) view the content, 2) complete all parts and components in the activity, and 3) complete the activity in total to have the activity marked complete.

Any completed items (or completed sub-items if multiple criteria are specified) will be shown as Done in green. (Grey coloured conditions signify that the condition has not been met.)

If an item is set by the instructor to allow 'Students to mark an item as complete', these will display a Mark as done button to the right of the activity or resource name. Students can then elect to click the button to mark an item done to track their own completion. Once clicked, the button will become a green Done button (which can be toggled back to Mark as done if necessary.) There are no Mark as done buttons for items where the completion is being tracked automatically based on student actions.


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