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Problems with Instructor Created Glossaries
Last modified on 05 July 2016 12:37 PM

Some instructors using the eClass Glossary tool may encounter problems when migrating content from year to year. By default, the Glossary tool is meant as a collaborative tool so that everyone in the course can participate in the construction of a resource of relevant terms. As such, this content counts as student-entered data and is not copied from one year's course to the next (due to FOIPP regulations).

Some instructors may choose to use the Glossary tool in a different manner, namely as static content pre-built as a resource for the students to consult in the course. Glossaries functioned in Blackboard Vista in this fashion.

If you are an instructor in this second scenario and have a glossary already built with entries that only you have added, you must contact IST eClass support team to get your glossary copied forward from year to year. Our automated course creation process defaults to the regular Moodle function for copying the Glossary tool so that in your new course, the glossary will appear empty and without your entries added. Email if you encounter this problem and we will employ a manual process to pull your glossary entries forward into the new course.

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