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Overridden (orange) Gradebook Cells
Last modified on 04 July 2023 02:06 PM

Overridden grades

When cells in the eClass Grader Report change to orange, it indicates that grades have been overridden. This is perfectly normal and occurs whenever users edit an activity module column or calculated column (such as a category or course total) directly in the grader report. It is important to note that overriding a cell in a column will replace the automatically calculated value or the grade given in the activity. For example, if you graded an assignment in the Assignment grading interface, a grade override would override that grade.

There are times when columns or cells become overridden inadvertently (e.g., if multiple users are saving entries in the gradebook at exactly the same time; if a student submits a quiz attempt while you are working in the Grader report; if your browser becomes focused on a total column cell when other changes are being saved, etc). released a number of fixes to this problem along with their gradebook overhaul in the summer of 2015 so these cases should occur infrequently.

Nevertheless, if an entire category total or your course total column has an orange background, and if it is not something you have done deliberately, you should take note as this can prevent your grade totals from calculating correctly.

Restore a grade for individual student

To restore the correctly calculated value or an activity score to one cell at a time:

  1. Make sure you have activated Edit mode at the top-right corner of your course page.

  2. Click on the gear icon to edit a specific grade:

  3. Uncheck 'Overridden', then click on Save changes at the bottom of the page:

Restore grade for a whole grade column

To restore the correctly calculated values for an entire column, you must use the Single view view of the gradebook:

  1. Enter Single view by either clicking on the Grader report drop-down and choosing 'Single view' or else click in on the pencil icon in the header row of the column in question:

  2. If you use the drop-down, you must then choose the overridden column; using the pencil icon bypasses this step.

  3. In the Single view for the column that is overridden, you will see checks in the overridden column. To remove these, click the Override none link in the Actions drop-down, then click Save.

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