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Adding Text and Media (Labels) to your course page
Last modified on 04 July 2023 03:07 PM

New in 2023 The label activity has been replaced with "Text and media area", which better describes the function of the activity. These can be added anywhere in your eClass course and are commonly used as headers to organize content, callouts drawing attention to specific areas, etc.  A text and media area can consist of simple text, horizontal bars, images, videos or even more complex HTML code. Anything that you want to display on the main page of your course can be added this way. An additional benefit of using labels is that once added, they can be moved around your course home page however you need.

Adding a Label

  1. Enable Edit mode, near the top right side:
    edit mode
  2. Move to the topic area where you wish to add content (the week, unit, etc.) and click on the Add an Activity or Resource button.
  3. Select Text and media area:
    text and media

  4. A new page will appear to add content and adjust settings.

  • Text: This is where you enter your content.

Common module settings
  • "Availability": This setting only has 2 options for this activity:
    • 'Show on course page' - The activity is available to students (subject to any access restrictions which may be set).
    • 'Hide from students' - The activity is only available to users with permission to view hidden activities (by default, users with the role of instructor or non-editing instructor).

Common module settings for text and media

Restrict access

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