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Customizing Course Topic/Week Names
Last modified on 04 July 2023 02:27 PM

Rather than organizing your course using eClass’s default section naming scheme (i.e., by week, when the course format is set to 'Weekly' format or by topic number when the course is set to 'Topics' format), you can choose your own custom names to appear on both the main course page, as well in the left-side 'Course index' drawer.

To rename and customize your section names, first, ensure that you are in editing mode by clicking Edit mode at the top right of your course page.

Method 1:

click on the pencil to edit the topic name

Method 2:

You can also edit topic names from their summary page. To navigate there, click on the 3 dots icon (⋮) to the right of the section title you wish to change.  Then click Edit topic (or Edit section, depending on course format).

A settings page will open. Check the Custom box and type your customized title into the ‘Section name’ field. Then click on Save changes.

Your customized section names will now appear on both the main course page, as well as in the 'Course index' drawer on the left side of your course page.

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