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Allowing Students to Rate Forum Posts (Peer review)
Last modified on 05 July 2023 02:47 PM

This article will show
instructors how to enable students to rate or score forum posts as a collaborative or peer review activity in eClass. The setup for this function requires that a forum is already set up on eClass for you to access the required settings.


  1. First, select the desired forum.

  2. Next, click on the More tab on the top and then on Permissions.

  3. Set the 'Advanced role override' dropdown to Student.

  4. Then, scroll down the page and locate Rate posts Under Activity:Forum (as there are a lot of capabilities available, it can be quicker to type 'Rate' into the filter box).
    Beside the capability
    Rate posts under 'Activity: Forum' set the radio button to Allow and Save changes at the page bottom. Make no other changes to ensure that students' ratings remain anonymous.  By default, students will see only their own average score.

  5. Once you switch the permissions so that students can perform ratings, return to the desired forum, click on the Settings tab, then on Ratings.

  6. Under 'Ratings', set the Aggregate type (Average is a common choice) and Scale to Point and set the desired Ratings total. Then click Save and display.

  7. Students should now be able to rate another person's post by going to the desired topic. They will not be able to rate their own post, but they are able to see the average score that they have received.

  8. Ratings should now look like the following screenshot:



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