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Toggling the Gradebook Display Options
Last modified on 04 July 2023 02:10 PM

In the gradebook, you can toggle the display between showing all grades and totals, total only, and grades only.

To toggle between displays, click the plus-sign, minus-sign or box icon beside the course or category names. Clicking each icon will change the format to Full view, Aggregates only, or Grades only as shown below.

  1. The default display is Full view, which displays both the grade items and course total.

  2. Some users inadvertently click the minus-sign and then appear to be missing either the course total or all of their individual grade items.

  3.  The 'Aggregates only' view displays only the course total and the totals of any categories in your gradebook.

  4. The 'Grades only' view only displays the grade items.

If you are unable to find certain grade columns within your Gradebook, you may need to toggle between these views. 


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