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Using Restriction Sets for Conditional Release
Last modified on 05 July 2023 02:24 PM

Conditional release based on activity completion:

In order to conditionally release a resource or activity in your course based on the completion of another course item, you will need to make sure that Completion Tracking is enabled in your course. Please see our article on Completion Tracking.

Once you have enabled completion tracking in your course, you can set up completion criteria within the activities or resources in your course. In essence, these settings allow you to specify how students can interact with any activity or resource in your course in order to mark it as ‘Complete’. You can allow students to simply read or access an item before it is considered complete, or to manually mark items as complete. In the case of activities, you can also specify that a certain number of posts be made to a forum or that a passing grade be achieved in a quiz before the activity can be marked complete.

After setting some completion criteria for an item in your course, you can then restrict access to other resources or activities based on that item within Restrict Access settings.

Restricting access:

Restrict Access settings are available within the 'Common module settings' area of all activities and resources in your course. Here, you can restrict student access to any item based on a number of different criteria:

  • Activity Completion
  • Date
  • Grade
  • Group
  • User Profile

The settings and selection mechanisms for these different criteria has not changed and is described here: Restricting Access to An Activity or Resource.

Restriction Sets:

You can add multiple access restrictions in combinations. This is especially useful in cases where you require multiple conditions to be met, or when you would like to grant access to your item based on the completion of one of several possible conditions.

For example, let’s say that you have a discussion forum that you want to release to students, but only after a certain lecture has occurred on a specific date AND the student has achieved the requisite score on the previous topic’s practice quiz.

1. To do this, you would click the Restriction set option in your restrict access settings. This will create a nested area where you can create any combination of conditions.

2. For this example, we would Click the Add restriction button in the nested restriction set.

3. Choose the date restriction with the required information.

4. Then click the nested Add restriction button once again.

5. Add the grade criterion (second criterion).

6. After both restrictions have been added, we can confirm at the top of the nested area that each student MUST match ALL of the nested criteria before they can access this forum.


7. Alternatively, you can also change the restriction set criteria to allow the students to have completed ANY of the listed criteria, or none of the listed criteria by selecting ‘MUST NOT’ in the available dropdowns.

8. For more complex restrictions, restriction sets can be nested inside of one another allowing for the usage of both AND and OR sets for a single activity or resource.

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