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Filtering Your Gradebook by Groups
Last modified on 05 July 2023 05:12 PM

If you have set up groups in your course, you might want to enable the option to filter different course administration pages by those groups. The most common use case for doing this is in the gradebook but this also works for the participants page, list of enrolled users, course reports, etc. If you have specified a group distribution on a particular activity, eg. forum, assignment, etc. in your course, the option to filter that particular activity already exists.

This filtering can be especially useful in the gradebooks of large courses that contain multiple sub-sections (where groups are automatically created and updated based on all the sub-sections). This allows different instructors or TAs to sort the gradebook depending on the sub-sections they are responsible for grading.

To enable this filter:

  1. Click on the Settings tab on top your course main page. Expand the Groups section then from the Group mode dropdown box, select Visible groups (leaving the other settings unchanged).
    Click on Save and display

  2. In your gradebook, you will now see a dropdown box allowing you to sort by groups.

Example for Use:

A scenario where this could be very useful in large multi-section courses is to automatically sort the optically scored exams into sub-sections for review or offline grading.

  1. First upload the spreadsheet provided by TSQS into your combined eClass course following these instructions: Importing Grades.

  2. Once uploaded, you can view specific sections of grades by filtering the gradebook to a single one of the course sub-sections.

  3. If you want to turn around and export just a subset of the gradebook to work offline, you can similarly filter the export page to include only a single sub-section.

  4. This method could be used to divide a large TSQS spreadsheet into several smaller ones each representing a single sub-section.



  • Whichever option you choose for Group mode will automatically be selected for any new activities you add for the course so you may want to consider turning on groups at the course level AFTER you have completed course construction if the bulk of your activities or resources do not need to be split into groups. This is also the reason we recommend Visible groups as this has slightly less effect in case you create a new activity and forget to adjust the group settings for it specifically.
  • Either Separate groups or Visible groups will add the filter option to your student lists.
  • The option to Force group mode should be set to No unless you are still constructing the course and know that you want activities to be split up into groups.
  • By default, the filter dropdowns will contain ALL the groups in your course - if you have a number of groups that you want to strip out of the gradebook filter, you can create a grouping of those required and specifying it in the Default grouping dropdown. For more information, see the article: Setting Up Groupings.
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