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Group Submission in Assignments
Last modified on 13 June 2023 03:51 PM

If you wish to have your students submit their work in groups, the relevant settings are available in the Group submission settings area (and not in the Common module settings area where most group and groupings setup is done in eClass).

  • If you want your students to submit in groups, change 'Students submit in groups' to Yes.

  • If you want students not in groups to make submissions, change the option for 'Require group to make submission' to No. This should generally not be changed as it prevents a known issue where student's submissions into the 'Default group' block all others from submitting.

  • If you want to receive only a single submission from the entire group, leave the option for 'Require all group members submit' set to No (which is the default setting and not editable unless the setting '' is set to Yes).

  • If you have a combined course or are using a number of different groups during the term in your course, you will need to specify a grouping to identify the specific set of groups to be applied for this assignment. For more information on creating groups and groupings, please see Setting Up Groupings. Note: if you do not correctly complete this step and have set 'Require all group members to submit' to No, the first student submission will get added to all the students and no one else will be able to submit.

  • WARNING: Once submissions have been made, DO NOTĀ alter the groups or groupings in any way. If groups or groupings need to be updated or changed, we recommend that you create new groups/groupings and re-deploy the assignment with the updated group settings. Failure to do so will result in lost student submission data and glitches with the assignment review.

  • Once groups submissions are made, when you are grading you have the option of providing a single grade to all group members at once:

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