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Splitting up Grading of Assignments in Large Sections
Last modified on 05 July 2023 07:20 PM

Instructors and course coordinators who enable the 'Marking workflow' for opens up the option to assign specific grading tasks to any of the other the graders in the course (including themselves).

To split up grading of assignments:

  1. Turn on 'Marker allocation' under the 'Grade' section in your assignment settings. Note: You cannot turn on 'Marker allocation' until the 'Marking workflow' is turned on.

  2. This adds a column to the assignment grading table ('View/grade all assignments') called Marker. The marker for a one or more particular assignment(s) can be specified directly from this dropdown:

  3. You are also able to bulk assign markers. First select the students by checking the box at the left of their row, then from the 'With selected...' area at the bottom of the page, choose Set allocated marker and then Go:

Then confirm the assignment of the marker for the selected students by clicking Save changes:

Viewing Assigned Graders

Once grading is underway, it is possible to filter the assignment grading table to view the progress of individual graders or review their grades.

You can similarly further filter the table for assignments given a particular status of the grading workflow.

Hiding grader identity from students:

If you are working a large class and want all students to contact a specific instructor or a central email with questions surrounding grading, it is possible to hide the grader identity from students: 

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