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Problems with Grade Visibility - Access restrictions
Last modified on 04 July 2023 02:10 PM

Certain access restrictions can prevent grades from being visible to students even if their grades have been released to students. These restrictions can include

  • when an access restriction has been applied in an activity's settings and hidden from student visibility;
  • when a grade column in the grader report is hidden in the 'Grader report';
  • when an individual student's grade is hidden in the 'Grader report.'

Access restrictions in activity settings

Students will not be able to see their grades when an access restriction has been applied and when you have also clicked the 'eye' icon to hide the item entirely from student view:

On the main eClass course page, these items are shown to instructors as hidden from students with a notification of the restriction condition. 

Even with the restrictions, this Assignment activity and its grades will not be hidden from instructors and will seem as if it should be visible to students in the 'Grader report' view:

Note that the Group assignment in this example is hidden from view. We will discuss this setting below.

The Assignment grades will also appear as if they should be as visible to students as they are in the instructor's view of a 'User report' for a particular student:

If you Switch role to... 'Student' from the drop-down menu at the top right of your course, or by using the DemoStudent view, you will see that the Assignment is hidden from students as shown here:

When the grade is hidden with an access restriction, you can make the hidden item visible in the student's grade view simply by clicking on the 'eye' icon in the access restriction to remove the stroke through it.

Access restrictions in 'Grader report' settings

As above, the example of the Group assignment shows an entire column of grades has been hidden. These grades can be revealed simply by clicking on the 'eye' icon at the head of the column.

It will sometimes happen that only one or a few students will not be able to see their grades. You may be able to reveal all grades simply by toggling the 'eye' icon to hide, then reveal grades again.

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