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Importing a Google Calendar into an eClass course
Last modified on 04 July 2023 01:57 PM

You can import events from Google Calendar into eClass using two methods:

  • Calendar URL (automatically updated at your preferred interval)
  • Calendar file (.ics) (A snapshot of events during time of calendar file generation. This may be useful for importing a basic structure of events without worrying about fluid day to day events.)

    Obtain your Google Calendar URL

    In Google Calendar, locate Settings and sharing respective to the calendar you with to import to eClass.

    Under the Integrate calendar section, copy the Secret address in iCal format. You will have to click the eyeball to reveal the information.

    Obtain your Google Calendar iCal file (.ics)

    In the same Settings and sharing interface, click the Export calendar button located near the top of your Google calendar settings.

    This should download a zip file for you to extract the .ics file.

    Import in eClass

    Click on the Import or export calendars link found in any of the Calendar interfaces on eClass, and click the Import calendar button.

    Import Calendar URL

    With Calendar URL selected from the Import from dropdown, paste the Calendar URL you obtained into the designated field.

    Select your update interval, which includes:

    • Never
    • Hourly
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Annually

    The system will check the Calendar URL at those intervals to refresh the calendar data.

    For Type of event, you can generally choose from:

    • User - Import events to your profile's calendar only.
    • Course - Instructors can import events to their course's calendar.
    • Category - Category administrators can import calendars across courses in the same category level if so desired.

    Click Import calendar when ready.

    Import iCal (.ics) file

    With Calendar file (.ics) selected from the Import from dropdown, attach your iCal (.ics) file and choose your event type and click Import calendar when ready.

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