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Using the Completion Progress Block
Last modified on 04 July 2023 03:16 PM

The Completion Progress block in eClass gives students a visual indication of their progress through a course.

To display completion progress, completion tracking must be enabled in your course and set up for at least one activity or resource. For more details on completion tracking, please see our article on Completion Tracking.

To add the Completion Progress block to your course:

  1. Click the slider at the top-right of the page to turn edit mode on, near the top right corner of the page. If the column of blocks on the right side of the page is hidden, click the left-arrow icon to open the block drawer.

    how to activate edit mode and open the block drawer

  2. Find the Add a block button above the blocks in the right-hand column.

    where to find the "add a block" button in the right column

  3. A pop-up menu appears. Select Completion Progress.

  4. The page should refresh and then the Completion Progress block will appear on the right side of the course.

Each box represents an activity or resource in your course. When a user mouses-over each section of the bar, it provides the name, completion status, expected completion date, and a link to the corresponding activity. By default, items in the progress bar are ordered by expected completion date, unless a completion date is not set in which case they appear in the same order as they are listed within the course content. The NOW cursor indicates the current date relative to the expected completion dates of each activity.

The colors seen in the completion progress bar can be interpreted as follows:

Blue - Not yet completed.
Green - Completed.
Yellow - Submitted but not complete. This generally indicates that you have submitted an assignment but must receive a satisfactory grade from the instructor to have it marked as complete.
Red - Incomplete. This indicates that the expected completion date has passed without meeting the completion requirements. Note that boxes will be marked red on the expected completion date to remind students that they only have one day left to meet the completion criteria.


Overview of students

Instructors can access an overview of student progress via the Overview of students button.

This view shows each student’s progress through the course as a completion bar and a percentage. Similar to the completion progress block, mousing-over a box will display which activity it corresponds to. This view also allows filtering by groups.



The progress bar’s settings can be modified by selecting the gear icon under Completion Progress and then clicking Configure Completion Progress block.

Details on most of these settings can be found by selecting the corresponding ? icon for an informative help bubble.


Using Multiple Completion Progress Blocks

Multiple Completion Progress blocks can be added to a single course. This allows you to display a visual representation of student progress through different sets of criteria (ie. Assignment progress, progress through each week, progress through each topic etc) using different progress bars.

To limit the activities included in a Completion Progress Block:

  1. Start by entering the Completion Progress block’s configuration.
  2. Select Show more… under Block settings.
  3. Activities included should be set to Selected activities.
  4. Select the activities that you would like included in this block under Select activities by holding down the ctrl key and clicking on the activities to be included.
  5. Entering an Alternate title can help with differentiating between Completion Progress blocks.
  6. Click on Save changes.

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