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Using the Syllabus Creation and Mapping Tool
Last modified on 20 September 2023 09:51 AM

Instructors can now generate course syllabi using a custom tool within their eClass courses. The tool contains a series of entry fields for the required elements of course syllabi based on GFC policy and creates an editable, downloadable file that instructors can subsequently upload into their course or distribute as they see fit. Faculties or Departments can customize the tool entry options for all courses in their area to accommodate any requirements specific to their particular program of study.

Faculty and departments also have the option of inputting learning outcomes, learning objectives schemas, or competency frameworks into the tool that can then be added to individual course syllabi by instructors. If they choose to go this route, those units can then perform tagging and reporting across courses based on these inputs.

The Syllabus Creation and Mapping tool in eClass was locally developed as a part of a TLEF grant under the direction of Dr. Ken Cor, Faculty of Pharmacy. For information on faculty, department, or program usage of the tool please contact IST eClass support or Dr. Cor directly.

For individual course/instructor use, the tool is available from the right-hand course editing dropdown, near the bottom:

The following video tutorial describes the basic use of the tool for an instructor using it in a course for the first time:

Direct video link:

Note: several feature improvements have been added to the tool since the video was created so several workflows will be more intuitive than shown. The option to download an editable version of the document as an .rtf text file) in addition to a PDF has also been added.

New in June 2023, the eClass interface has been overhauled so the screenshots of eClass in the video will be different but all the functional workflows of the syllabus tool are the same as shown in the video.


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