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Detailed Features of the eClass Mobile App
Last modified on 30 November 2023 10:59 AM

The eClass mobile app, currently in a public beta release, offers faculty, students, and staff easy access to eClass course content. The app is available for download here.

This article describes some of the differences between the app and regular desktop access as well as the main expected uses for the app. Overall, the app should be thought of as a tool for students and instructors to access course content on-the-go

Please note, that there are some major differences between the functionality in the mobile app and the regular browser-based experience:

  • Instructors should not plan to perform any major administrative functions using the app such as constructing their courses or grading students.
  • Students may encounter issues viewing content on mobile and should not plan on using the mobile app as their sole option for accessing eClass.

General Interface Differences:

  • The Dashboard page (course list) uses a standard version that is missing many of eClass’s customisations including re-ordering, highlighting, and hiding.
  • Course content is displayed one section per page with options added for navigating between sections.
  • The different course formats available in the regular browser view are not available in mobile. Note that this may drastically change the display of content between the browser version of eClass and the app.
  • The online text editor has a different look and includes a different set of options.
  • The right-side blocks available in the desktop view are not available in the mobile view.

Student Activity Differences:

  • Forum posts and replies can be added through the app by clicking the large green plus icon near the bottom right. Files and photos from the device can be attached to a post and as assignment submission (but cannot added through the system editor within posts.)
  • Quizzes can be taken using the mobile app with an alternative for offline delivery. Note: quizzes containing the ‘All-or-Nothing Multiple Choice’ question type cannot be completed in the app.
  • Many of the U of A’s custom developed plugins are not yet available in the app but instead display a link to launch the mobile browser view of that tool. These include:
    • Tab display
    • Group peer assessment
    • Anonymous forum
  • LTI external tools do not function reliably including Zoom meeting links.

Instructor / Course Administration Differences:

  • Many administrative functions are not possible in the mobile app including adding or changing course participants, viewing or modifying groups, viewing course usage reports, creating or editing course content, and modifying the gradebook setup.
  • No grading table is available for instructors. Student grades can be viewed (not entered) by clicking Participants > [Student name] > Grades.

Known Issues:

In addition to the above known functional differences, there are a number of known bugs and issues in the app functionality that are under investigation or which are already being repaired (some by Moodle HQ and some by the eClass team). These include:

  • Many of the blocks in the right-hand block drawer, including the "Library Resources" block, will not display in the app.
  • Styling and display of activity completion restriction messages on course content items.
  • The ‘Add New Discussion’ button in forums that do not yet have posts is not currently working (posts can be added via the green plus icon).
  • Improving display for custom local activities and resources by replacing the generic puzzle piece icon with actual existing icons.
  • Android navigation back button and the bottom application navigation options do not function consistently.
  • Android app looks for any installed audio recording apps for doing audio recording submissions. Fails when none are detected.
  • Embedded google drive videos will not play.
  • Kaltura video content will only load on the second attempt.
  • Some filters, such as the MathJax filter for displaying mathematical notation, may not display properly.
  • At the top of a course, a student might see a percentage bar. This relates to the percentage of activities that are able to be marked as complete that are marked as complete. This does not relate to course completion or the grade that you have on the course. 


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