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Zoom Known Issues
Last modified on 19 June 2024 03:02 PM

This article lists the current known issues, technical problems, and workarounds with Zoom online meetings. Any wider issues with the service are reported live on Zoom's server status page.

Zoom configuration update #1

Zoom configuration update #2

Issue Summary Known Workarounds
If you have a Recurring Meeting that recurs weekly, it only can recur 60 times, and then it stops showing up in upcoming meetings.

If you need the meeting to recur more than 60 times, request a new meeting after the initial 60 recurrences.

Sometimes, a cloud recording made in a meeting created and scheduled within a Zoom activity in eClass doesn't show up in the Cloud Recordings tab in that same activity. 

If this happens, try:

- Signing into the Zoom web portal.

- Click on Recordings on the left-hand menu.

- Find the recording that's not showing up in the eClass Zoom activity.

- Click More > Delete in the last column.

- Then, at the top, click on Trash.

- Click the Recover link on the right of the recording that was recently deleted.

After that, it should show up in your list of Cloud Recordings on eClass.

Zoom for iPad is unable to share the screen while connected to an external display, ie. a classroom projector system via HDMI or Airplay

To run a presentation from an iPad in a classroom:

- Do not connect the iPad to the projector system.

- Join the zoom meeting from both the podium computer AND the iPad (zoom will allow you to join from two different devices), and switch the projector system to show the podium computer.

- Share the screen from the iPad.

Users may get a 300 error message when trying to download Zoom videos from eClass.

Sign into the Zoom website and retry downloading.

Participants do not get automatically assigned into designated breakout rooms.

All participants must be signed into their Zoom vehicle (app, web, etc) prior to launching the Zoom meeting.It is recommended to have the option " Only authenticated users can join meetings" selected Authentication of users

iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface (and other tablet/stylus') users annotate a PDF, but overlay stays on screen instead of on specific page.

None available. Zoom has indicated that it is functioning as designed as a temporary overlay to what is on screen that should be cleared when annotating other screens.

Zoom (LTI) Activity does not load properly resembling horizontal grey bars loading.

Ensure that cookies are enabled (or at least allow Zoom). Disable any enhanced browser tracking protection functions.

Zoom meetings cannot be created through eClass when 10 or more instructors or TAs are enrolled in the course and have accessed Zoom through the tool link. 

Schedule a meeting in (external to eClass), and share the join URL in eClass. Note: Meetings will not show up within the Zoom activity in eClass. Recorded meetings must be shared from to eClass as well.

We have contacted Zoom support about this issue.

Error Code 1001 / 2216. Users who have already signed up for a personal Zoom account using their UAlberta CCID email address will encounter an error when they first try to access Zoom through eClass. Once the personal account is deleted, users will be able to create their integrated eClass account.

For Error Code 1001. This help article on the Zoom support portal describes how to delete the pre-existing account.

Alternatively, if users have some critical data stored and do not wish to delete it, you should go to your Zoom account options and change your email address. Then when you access Zoom from eClass, you can generate a new user account with the University license.

For Error Code 2216. Please contact eClass Support and provide the course URL(s) where you are experiencing this in.

Some users have difficulty connecting audio to zoom meetings on mac devices.

Rebooting the computer solves the issue. Participants should always run through the Audio/Video check before entering a meeting.

Joining a Zoom test meeting

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