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ExamLock Troubleshooting (for instructors)
Last modified on 30 January 2024 10:07 AM

This article will cover common issues affecting ExamLock attempts and their respective workarounds or resolutions.

RECOMMENDED FIRST STEP (Always try this first):

  • Advise students to relaunch the ExamLock application and re-enter the same session code. In many cases they should be able to continue their attempt.
  • DO NOT force submit student attempts from the ExamLock Manager without first consulting with eClass Support.

ExamLock will not launch

Cause: Student has not validated the device


  • Switch to a loaner device (fastest in the interest of time).
  • Instructor allows attempts to be made without ExamLock (and use another means of proctoring).

Cause: Students who have not opted-in to Self-serve CCID password resets are unable to launch ExamLock. The delaying prompt to sign up for this service causes ExamLock to stall and students cannot launch exams. 


  • Follow the link above to sign up for self-serve password resets. Please see the screenshot of the error below:

Errors on Software Version check (see screenshot below)

Cause: Network connection issue


    • Quit ExamLock and troubleshoot internet connection
    • Restart device
    • If on campus, use UWS (AVOID U of A Guest WiFi).


    • Internet connectivity issues will prevent ExamLock from launching.
    • Attempts already in progress can withstand a loss of internet connectivity and continue to function.

    "Error: Failed to retrieve exam data." after launching with session code

    Cause: Incompatible quiz settings in eClass Quiz Activity i.e.

    • Quiz activity hidden
    • Misconfigured activity restriction settings (bad dates, times, user access logic, etc)
    • Inadvertent toggling of "Require students to accept academic honesty statement" in quiz settings

    Solution: Resolve incompatibilities and then students to restart ExamLock attempt using the same session code.

    Device crash during exam

    Solution: Restart device and ExamLock (use the same session code). Resuming the ExamLock attempt should look like the screenshot below.

    Images do not display to students attempting quizzes in ExamLock

    Cause: A known issue that appends '?time=xxx' to images in questions breaks the display of images in student ExamLock attempts. This occurs when images with the same file name are uploaded over top of existing images.


    • Removing the appended syntax in the html view of the question will display the images in ExamLock. This change will only affect new ExamLock attempts for the quiz. If this issue is detected quickly, then providing students with a new ExamLock session and new code would allow them to take the quiz with the images displayed.
    • It is also possible to have students continue their attempts directly on eClass (where the images do display correctly) by providing them the quiz password.

    Black screen / Screen frozen

    Cause: Sometimes due to using ExamLock with SEM.


    • Toggle application switcher (Windows: Alt+Tab, Mac: Command+Tab) to make ExamLock the active application.
    • Close ExamLock and resume attempt (same session code)

    Prevention tips: Students to disable system notifications.

    Cannot resume attempt (error, or no response)

    Cause: Crash during disk-write by ExamLock.


    • Instructor to notify eClass Support.
    • eClass Support to assist with 'Allow device switch' in ExamLock (for the student) if appropriate.

    Cannot submit attempt

    Cause: Network connectivity issue


    • Keep ExamLock running, troubleshoot and resolve network connection issue. Retry Upload.
    • Restart ExamLock (use same session code), Resume Exam or Upload Attempt.
    • Restart Device (use same session code). Resume Exam or Upload Attempt.

    Note: Specifically, this screen disables screenlocking to allow students to troubleshoot the network connection issue. Once network connectivity has been restored, they may retry uploading again.

    Note for Instructors: When students use Retry upload from ExamLock, their quiz attempt in the quiz activity will be left as In progress as a failsafe if they need to resume their attempt in eClass without ExamLock. Instructors can also review the attempt and Force submit if satisfied with the results. If uncertain, contact eClass Support for assistance.

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