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Using Google Jamboard
Last modified on 26 October 2023 04:03 PM
This article describes how instructors can use Google Jamboard though the UAlberta google tools suite. Jamboard is a collaborative digital whiteboard for capturing and sharing ideas. The platform features intelligent handwriting display, shape recognition, inserting Google Drive files, and adding sticky notes. Jamboard can be used to host in-person, remote brainstorming or planning sessions with teams and are saved automatically in Google Drive.
Although our comms was focused on using this service as a collaborative tool, there has been interest previously from professors to use Jamboard for teaching and learning. We recommend using a tablet/stylus with the mobile app (iOS & Android) as the best experience but the web client can be just as effective depending on the scenario.
Tool Features
With Jamboard users can:
  • Write, draw, erase, and add sticky notes
  • Add polished text, shapes, and drawings with intelligent recognition technology
  • Insert images from the Web, Google Drive, or your device’s photo library
  • Add Docs, Sheets, Slides and PDFs from Drive
  • Export a copy of your Jam as a PDF or image
  • Present to a meeting using the screen-sharing feature of Google Meet
  • Share with collaborators (up to 50 can work on a Jam at once)
Note, some Jamboard tools or features are only available using the mobile app or Chrome browser. There are also features exclusive to the Jamboard smart display hardware (Jamboard Kiosk) not available at the U of A that may be referenced in Google's product documentation.

How to access Jamboard

Download the Jamboard mobile app for Android or iOS. An Android tablet with a stylus or an Apple iPad with Apple pencil support is the most effective way to use Jamboard. You can also create, edit, and collaborate on Google Jamboard using a computer with the Chrome web browser by opening the google application chooser and selecting Jamboard:

Creating Jamboard Content


For assistance using Jamboard, please contact the IST helpdesk at 780-492-8000.

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