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Removing Unwanted Formatting from Course Content
Last modified on 01 September 2023 05:36 PM

As a preventative measure, users are encouraged to Paste and Match Style (paste without formatting, paste as plain text, etc) so that all previous formatting and styles are ignored when pasted. If you are pasting from a formatting-heavy source, doing so will cause you to lose things like bolded headers, highlights, bullet points, etc. so you would have to reformat them after pasting content into eClass.

However, if it is after the fact, and you have noticed inconsistencies with formatting in your course content, you can try these steps to remove unwanted formatting (inconsistent colours, extra spaces, etc) from your content.

The following video shows a simple example of how to quickly clear formatting from content. 


For how to remove formatting from multiple choice question responses, please click here.

Note: Depending on the amount of effort required to make changes, it may be easier to correct one-offs. In the workflow described above, removing all tags typically display a default system Black font colour. However, if you wished to instead make them blue (matching the style colour), you would have to add opening and closing P tags. e.g. <p> </p> The link above will illustrate this.

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