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Fixing Multiple Choice Answer Formatting
Last modified on 04 July 2023 02:37 PM

Sometimes multiple choice quiz questions will be displayed in different colours or may have additional line spacing added.

Distracting formatting is commonly caused by pasting content from coded text such as Microsoft Word or web pages which copy unwanted format codes.

This article outlines how to repair the formatting easily and prevent student distractions during exams.

To fix formatting errors in quiz questions:

  • Click to turn on Edit mode in the top right corner of your course page;
  • Click on the quiz
  • Click to open a Preview;
  • Navigate through the questions until you find a misformatted question;
  • Click on 'Edit question' on the left side:


  • On the question editing screen, locate the misformatted text in the ‘Question text’ field or in any of the specific answer choices;
  • Click on the down-pointing arrow button to expand the toolbar options and look for the HTML button: 


  • Each answer should have no other coding at the beginning and end of the answer choice except as shown in this example:



  • Preserve coding for individual symbols, words, or phrases that indicate formats such as italics, superscripts, or subscripts
  • Clicking “Save changes” will return you to the quiz or exam
  • You may have to start a new Preview to see the change to your question

Your formatting issue should be resolved:


Note: The tag "<p>” is a paragraph marker that draws its style from a hidden style sheet which sets the paragraph colour and spacing. Some other coding overwrites that style with extra line spaces or different colours.

Note: Alternatively, deleting all HTML coding at the beginning and end of an answer choice will remove all colours and leave behind no line space issues.

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