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Adding Images to eClass
Last modified on 04 July 2023 01:27 PM

You can add images into any editable content area on eClass. If you are a student, you would normally be doing this in a discussion forum, an online assignment submission (not an assignment requiring a file upload), or a collaborative page such as a wiki or glossary. If you are an instructor, you might be doing this in any of the course construction areas of eClass: topic headers, pages, forums, activity/resource descriptions, etc.

This article explains how to add an image to a forum post as this is relevant to both students and instructors.

  1. Enter the discussion forum, then click on Add discussion topic; or enter an existing discussion topic and click Reply.

  2. Add a subject, then in the message body area, click on the 'Insert/edit image' icon (small mountain) in the toolbar as shown below.

    adding images to eclass

  3. Click on Browse repositories.

  4. Then, click on Choose File

  5. Once you found your file, click on Upload this file and you will see a new window open with a preview of the image you have just uploaded. 

  6. Add a description, or check the box "This image is decorative only". Then click on Save image to finalize your upload of the picture file. 

  7. Complete your message and scroll to the bottom and click Post to forum to submit your message containing the image.

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