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Using the DemoStudent Block to Test the Student Experience
Last modified on 23 February 2024 10:05 AM

Instructors have the ability to view their course as how a student would see it for the purposes of testing and ensuring that course content meets the instructor's presentation expectations. There are two ways this can be done:

  • Role switching (fast) - used for quick previews
  • DemoStudent Role - may be used for more extensive testing involving user/groups/role/grade specific access, permissions, interactivity, etc.

Switch Role to Student

Under your profile image on the upper-right corner of eClass, choose Switch role to... and the click on the role you wish to quickly switch to on the following page.


Using the DemoStudent Block

For more extensive course testing as a student, use the DemoStudent View by first adding the DemoStudent block.

With the Edit Mode on, click on Add a block on the right pull-out pane.

With the DemoStudent Block added you can Create a DemoStudent by clicking on the button. This will create a DemoStudent account/profile that will follow the format DemoStudent YourLastName.

After creating your DemoStudent, the block will change options to show Switch to DemoStudent or Unenrol DemoStudent.

The DemoStudent block updates to show what view you are currently in. If you are in the DemoStudent view and want to change back, click on the Return to my Instructor role.

Please note that, while in any Demo Student mode, all student-based restrictions will apply, (i.e., you will not see hidden content or access content that imposes restrictions on students.)

You can also check to see what mode you are in by looking at your profile on the upper-right in eClass.

To work faster and not have to frequently switch between modes, we recommend that you use different browser sessions: one for the Instructor view and another for the Student view. You can use any combination of your preferred browser and a different browser, incognito/private browser window, other profiles on the browser, etc. This way, you can make changes in the Instructor window, and refresh the Student window to view them.

You may see a message in the DemoStudent block when you switch to the DemoStudent view with a message, "This course is currently unavailable to students", which indicates that your course is closed for access and you should open your course so that your DemoStudent will be able to view it. See Controlling Student Access to Your Course.


  • The DemoStudent Block is only visible to Instructors.
  • DemoStudents cannot post to forums, save grade data, or appear in the grader report.
  • DemoStudents can be added to groups. Keep in mind that the eClass nightly roster sync will revert the cohort enrollments and remove the DemoStudent from the group.
  • Deleting the block will not automatically unenroll a DemoStudent from the course. You must click Unenroll DemoStudent for this to occur. You may also unenroll the DemoStudent from the Participants page as well.
  • Certain HTML/CSS styles do not appear correctly in the DemoStudent view.


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