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Article Last Updated June 2021

All quiz question types (except for ‘Essay’) are graded automatically by eClass after the student has submitted their quiz attempt. It is a recommended practice to review short answer questions in case credit should be provided for acceptable but non-matching answers. Essay questions require manual grading.

To do any quiz attempt reviews or grading, you must first click on the quiz link from your main eClass page.

To manually grade a student's essay response in a quiz:

  1. If you want to review each student's full attempt one at a time, click 'Attempts: #'  and choose 'Review attempt' for each individual:

  2. To see a detailed view of only the long answer responses that need grading for the entire quiz, click on the gear icon, then on Manual grading.

  3. The next page will display all questions that require manual grading and allows work to be broken up on a per question basis:

  4. When manually grading an essay question, the grader is able to enter a custom comment in response to the essay and assign a score. Always be sure to click the Save button before navigating to another page.

    New in 2021: The options on this page will remain set for for a given quiz, rather than resetting after leaving the grading window. 

To review short answer question responses:

  1. To quickly review short answer question responses for an entire quiz, select Responses under Results from the gear icon:

  2. This will show the quiz attempt table but with the answer displayed for each student instead of the score they received:

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