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Modifying Quiz or Assignment Settings for Select Users (Overrides and Time Accommodations)

Article Last Updated Decmber 2021

If you have users in your course that require special conditions for taking a quiz or submitting an assignment, you can create a user or group override that changes the settings only for those particular users. This can be useful in cases where any students need a bit longer to complete a quiz, for example if a student has a computer crash while completing a quiz and needs an extension to the quiz time limit to complete it fairly; or they require additional time to complete an assignment due to an illness. This is also helpful for instructors who need to apply time accommodations for accessibility purposes during exams. Group overrides can be useful if you have a multi-section course with different submission dates or times for each different cohort.

Adding a user or group override allows you to keep the same quiz or assignment and add as many different overrides as required for that particular activity. All other users complete the quiz or assignment with the original conditions created within the quiz settings.

Note: if your entire class is affected, time extensions can be provided by extending BOTH the duration and closing time in the tool settings.

To create a user or group override for quizzes:

  1. Enter your course and click on the quiz or assignment you would like to create an override for; then click on the gear icon, then on either Group overrides or User overrides. Note: You must already have groups created in the course to use the group override functionality.

  2. Click on Add user override.

  3. Select a user or group in your course, and then make changes to the quiz delivery settings as required. Important Note: when changing the quiz settings  for an override for a time accommodation, users must ensure they match the timing setup settings for the main quiz. This means that if your main quiz timing has BOTH start/close times AND a time limit applied, any override that you add for a student must adjust both of those for each student. For example, if you quiz opens at 1PM, closes at 2PM, AND has a time limit of 60 minutes, if you give a student an override that only gives them a 90 minute time limit, the student's attempt will close at the original close time, regardless of the extended time limit. 

Handling quiz attempts that are submitted prematurely:

Please note: changing the closing time and time limit settings will not re-open attempts that have already been submitted, either by the student or automatically because the closing time was reached. In these cases, changing the 'Attempts allowed' to 2 would start a brand new attempt. If a student requires more time to complete their existing attempt 'Attempts allowed' must be set to 2 AND the quiz wide-setting 'Each attempt builds on the last' must be set to Yes. This is available in the quiz settings, in the 'Question behaviour' section, under 'Show more':

To create a user or group override for assignments:

Adding overrides to Assignments is the same except for the different settings options available:


- The interface for entering Group overrides is the same - any changes specified to all members of that particular group (groupings are NOT required to limit changes to a particular group).

- When you re-enter the 'Overrides' interface, a list of any existing (previously entered overrides) will be available on top of the Add user override button. You can adjust the quiz or assignment delivery details for an override by clicking the gear icon or remove an override completely by clicking the 'x' icon. The "copy" icon can be used to copy an override to another user.

- If the following error message displays after inputting an override, it is likely indicating that a quiz availability setting has superseded the override rule(s). i.e. the quiz is hidden at the course level. This is a warning only and will not impact the override once the superseding condition is removed.

red bar for overrides when quiz is hidden

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