Adding Tab Displays

Article Last Updated June 2021

Tab displays allow you to group, arrange, and organize your content into tabbed sections within an eClass resource.  The pages can be viewed by clicking the tabs running along the top of the display. An example is depicted below:

Adding the Tab Display Resource

  1. Click on Turn editing on, near top right side.
  2. Move to the topic area where you wish to add content (the week, unit, etc…) and click on the Add an Activity or Resource button.
  3. Click on the Tab Display icon.
  4. A new page will appear with the tab display settings.<br/ >


  • “Name” is required. Make this as meaningful as possible for your students.

Tab 1

  • “Tab name”: You may name your tab here.
  • “Tab description”: You can enter text, images, and external links using the editor, or use the fields given to replace all content in this tab with a single web page or file.
  • “The order you would like this tab in”: Determines the order of the tab when displayed.
  • “Add a new tab”: Adds another tab and tab content when clicked.

Display tab menu

Menus can also be added to the left of the tabs to enhance course organizational structure and navigation.  These menus are particularly useful if your course contains several Tab Display Resources or if you want students to be able to jump from one module to the next without having to return to the main course page. To add a menu in a tab display:

  1. While editing the Tab Display settings, navigate to the "Display tab menu" option and add click/check beside "Check if you would like to display menu."
  2. Edit the following settings:
    • "Tab display activity order within menu": Type in the order you would like this resource to appear in the menu. For example, if the tab display is Lesson 1, type in "1".  For all subsequent tab displays, continue numbering the tabs.
    • "Menu name": Add the name of the menu to be displayed (e.g. Main Menu). Tab display resources are displayed according to the corresponding menu name so if required, you could have multiple menus within the same course, each containing tabs identified by the specific name.  

Common module settings

  • "Availability": This setting has 3 options:
    • 'Show on course page' - The activity is available to students (subject to any access restrictions which may be set).
    • 'Hide from students' - The activity is only available to users with permission to view hidden activities (by default, users with the role of teacher or non-editing teacher).
    • 'Make available but now shown on course page' - A link to the activity must be provided from elsewhere, such as from a page resource. The activity would still be listed in the gradebook and other reports.

Restrict access




  • In Fall 2015, the feature to embed web pages or files as the contents of tab display pages was removed from the system (there were display problems in a number of platforms. As alternatives:
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