Adding a Custom Banner to Your Course

Article Last Updated August 2018

This article explains how instructors can add a banner to their course. If you already have a banner image for use, you can skip down to step 2 below - the first portion (Step 1) covers how to use one of the existing Faculty and Department banners available on eClass.

  1. Access the "Banner Image Repository" course on eClass.
    a. You can access the "Banner Image Repository" by logging onto your eClass and clicking Site home

    b. Then, scroll down and find Public Courses - For Faculty and click Banner site.

    c. Choose the preferred banner(s) and download them.

    Upload the image into your course.

  2. a. To upload the course banner you selected in Step 1 into your course, first click Turn editing on at the top right of your page.

    b. In the top topic of your course (or any topic block in which you would like to upload a banner), click on Edit > Edit section.

    c. Center the cursor in the editor window and then click the image icon to search for the location you saved your banner.

    d. In the pop-up, click Browse repositories... to open the file picker and find your banner on your local machine. 

    e. Click Choose File to select that image, then click Upload this file to add it to the page.

    f. Click Save image and preview how your banner looks in your course.

    g. If your banner is too wide, it will cause a horizontal scroll bar to display in your course so we have a custom style tag you can use to have your banner size responsively to the size of the display viewing it. You can add this style by entering the edit mode for the topic again (clicking on the gear), then selecting the image by clicking on it once in the editor window, and clicking the image icon. Then select box beside Auto size and click Save image. Your banner will now automatically adjust to the size of each user's display.

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