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Enrolling Students in eClass Courses
Last modified on 27 October 2022 09:39 AM

In all regular Bear Tracks section on eClass, students are automatically enrolled by the IST eClass Support team as a part of the automated course creation system. For each section that gets requested, a cohort gets created on eClass that contains all the students enrolled in that Beartracks section. These cohorts get synchronized with Beartracks twice daily so that students who drop or add the course will automatically be pulled into the appropriate Moodle course. In cross-listed (combined section) courses, there may be multiple cohorts enrolled in the same course.

As an instructor, you will never need to enroll regular credit students manually in your course. You should never need to use the Cohort synch Enrollment method and you should not edit its settings.

If you need to enroll administrative users (Managers/TAs / Instructors) or Auditors, please refer to the following article: Adding Additional Users to My eClass course.

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